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dot_apple.jpg yaesan apple farm

Eunseong Farm located in Godeok-myeon, the area that Yesan apples were first grown have grown apples with green farming techniques in a wide farm of 3ha. It is famous for the place which produce good and delicious apples. It was designated as the only Yesan Red Clay Apple Special Zone in Yaesan. It became the leader of the Korean apple industry by introducing new varieties and cultivation techniques drastically. More than 2000 persons of apple farms in each area have visited the farm every year.
It has operated the experience program which can directly harvest apples from Oct. 1st to the middle of Nov. and the program which can buy an apple tree and harvest apples in autumn.




dot_apple.jpg winery


We started making wine and brandy as the foundation of CEO Seo, Jeonghak who has cultivated apple fields for 40 years met the brewing technology of Wine Maker Jeong, Jemin who learned it in Canada as his son-in-law. It’s Winery, the European-style farm which has built a winery in an apple farm and were equipped with a restaurant, a seminar room, and pension-style accommodations, not the alcohol factory which produces industrial products. Chusa (秋史) Kim, Jeonghee was born in Yesan that Winery is located in. We included our will to show Chusa’s life and spirit in alcohol. Apples are a representative fruit in autumn. Chusa means apples produced in autumn. We make wine with plentiful and rich stories of autumn.



dot_apple.jpg winemaker

Winemaker Jeong, Jemin
  • A lecturer of the intensive course of traditional alcoholic beverage in Rural Development Administration
  • A director of Wine Producer Association
  • A judge of Korea Liquors Contest (2005 to 2010)
  • The vice president of brewing in Agricultural corporation, Yesan Apple Wine Co., Ltd.
  • The system operator of the club, Making Wine.
  • The president of Korean Liquor Cooperative
  • Gave lectures of making wine in 50 agricultural technology centers all over the country.
  • Development of winery products in Yeongwol, Gimje, Yeongdong, and Yeongcheon and consulting of their facilities




dot_apple.jpg winery information


Company name Agricultural corporation, Yesan Apple Wine Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment Established the agricultural corporation on
Dec. 2008. Began growing apples in 1987.
Cultivated area of the farm : 3ha
Production item

Chusa Apple Ice Wine style
Chusa Apple Wine Dry
Chusa Brandy
Chusa Blue

Winery facilities the whole view of Winery, Apple farm, Wine experience center, Cafeteria, Winery Accommodations Studio
Experience programs

Winery tour ,
Making my own wine
Making apple pie, Making apple jam
Barbecue meals
Group lodgement

Contact information
Agricultural corporation, Yesan Apple Wine Co., Ltd.

107-25, Daemong-ro, Godeok-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungnam, 340-931, Korea
mail :

dot_apple.jpg product




The apple wine brand, Chusa(秋史)

We called apple wine produced by us Chusa because of several multiple meanings. First, we started making apple wine with the principle that we would not use a lame foreign language name. Chusa was born after we agonized about the names which can emphasize regional characteristics and features of raw materials.
First, Chusa Kim, Jeonghee was born in Yesan that Winery is located in. It’s the image which reflects Chusa’s life and dignity in it. Second, apples are the representative fruit in autumn. And it includes the meanings of apples in autumn(秋) or the autumn(秋) history(史).


chusa apple ice wine
chusa apple ice dry

Blueberry wine
chusa wild jinsang brandy


For information on detailed tour, experience, or products, please feel free contact us on the phone or by e-mail.

tel _ 82+41+337+9584, Fax _ 82+41+337+9586
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